Why hire an Immigration Layer?

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Why hire an Immigration Layer?

Why Hire a California Immigration Lawyer?

While the law does not require you to have an immigration attorney to guide you through the process of obtaining a visa or green card (permanent residency), immigration law is complex and there are a lot of traps that could lead to problems. An experienced attorney can help you avoid potential problems and find the immigration solutions you need. At the Los Angeles area law offices of Nelson & Associates, we help individuals, businesses, and families across the country with a wide range of immigration law concerns.

Immigration Solutions As Unique as You
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While many employment-based and family-based immigration applications seem simple and straightforward, the process is often more complicated than it looks. There are many levels of guidance, statutes and regulation, overseen by a variety of regulatory agencies. One mistake along the way could prevent you from obtaining the immigration status you seek.

Immigration law is also changing constantly. As doctrines and restrictions evolve, it becomes easier to make mistakes and fail. In some cases, the mistakes may not even show up until a few years later, putting your residency in jeopardy. We keep up with the latest immigration reforms and are prepared to handle the most complex matters of amnesty, asylum, and PERM labor certification for our clients.

Why Nelson & Associates?

For almost two decades, attorney Franklin Nelson has been advocating diligently for immigration rights. He is a tenacious advocate for clients, having represented, for example, thousands of Filipino war veterans and fought for fair immigration laws and practices on their behalf before federal courts. He has taken cases all the way to the United States Supreme Court, and you can be confident that our firm will fight for you to obtain the immigration status you deserve.

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