Immigration law for Employers

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Immigration law for Employers

Helping Employers Obtain Employee Work Visas

Every business wants to work with the best people. United States immigration laws allow businesses to hire people from around the globe, but just because you need the services of a foreign national does not mean the process will be straightforward and without risk. You want an experienced lawyer to watch out for your liability. At the California law offices of Nelson & Associates, we help businesses across the country obtain work visas for foreign employees.

Immigration Solutions As Unique as You
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Focused on immigration law for over a decade, attorney Franklin Nelson has successfully handled employment-based immigration cases for businesses across the country. Our firm has a nearly 100 percent approval rate for work visa applications, and we know how to make sure you keep all your concerns in order:

  • PERM Labor Certification: Alien Labor Certification Process
  • I-9 Compliance: Employment and Non-Authorized Employment

If you fail to conduct each step of the process properly, you may face serious penalties. We will make sure you take care of all your responsibilities to avoid violating the immigration status of your employees.

There are a variety of nonimmigrant visas available depending upon your business needs and the qualifications of your employees. We will take a close look at your situation and help you establish the plan that works best for you:

  • Nonimmigrant Visas
  • H1-B Visas
  • H2 Visas
  • H3 Visas
  • J Visas
  • Temporary Working Visas

In addition to helping with work visas, we can also help your employees obtain permanent residency. With a job offer in hand, a foreign national can obtain a green card in less than a year. On occasion, the process can be sufficiently fast that an immigrant can often skip the process of obtaining a nonimmigrant employment-based visa altogether.

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