H-1B Sponsorship � Temporary U.S. Work Permits

Many businesses obtain competitive edge by recruiting foreign business professionals for positions in their American company. Likewise, many foreign business professionals pursue a better life for their family in coming to live and work in the United States. While United States immigration laws allow for such opportunities, the process can be complex and time-consuming. Our immigration attorneys at Nelson & Associates assist U.S. businesses and foreign business professionals through the requisite Labor Condition Application (LCA) procedure and visa petition process and through required labor certification procedures.

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Our law practice is focused on effective handling of U.S. immigration law cases. Our nearly 100 percent work visa approval rate is a direct result of our experience, determination, and hard work. Whether advising a U.S. business petitioning a foreign worker for an H-1B visa or advising a foreign business professional on what to do after receiving a job offer in the U.S., we have the skills necessary to meet our client’s needs.

H-1B Visa Requirements

The employer and prospective employee must meet strict criteria in order to obtain approval of the H-1B visa petition. Our experienced immigration lawyers can help clients verify eligibility for an H-1B visa and follow necessary procedures to ensure the process is completed smoothly and successfully.

A foreign business professional may be eligible for an H-1B visa application if he or she has received a job offer for a specialty occupation in the U.S., and has met one of the following requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree or its foreign equivalent in the specialized field
  • Unrestricted license, registration, or certification required to perform the specialized occupation
  • Extensive education, training, or experience in the specialized field that is deemed to be the equivalent of a degree

Examples of specialty occupations include physicians, engineers, college professors, architects, mathematicians, and other workers with specialized knowledge. However, it can be argued that virtually any occupation requiring at least a bachelor’s degree is a specialty occupation. Don’t have a professional license? We may be able to help you obtain temporary or restricted H-1B status while you complete your profession’s license requirements.

In addition to advising clients through the process of sponsoring an employee for an H-1B visa, our comprehensive services include addressing labor certifications, petitions for extensions of stay, and petitions for adjustment of status to a legal permanent resident (green card holder).

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